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All That We Keep

by Kings

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let’s ride in your car ‘til the road’s small and dark and the air smells of orchards so sweet i’ve heeded the call there’s nothing at all could cast me from all that you keep if i don’t make it home in time to meet you save a space i’m already on my way it’s just these old sunken stars resting heavy on my heart weigh me down even as they light my way if you know of the way to west virginia pack your bags and we’ll rest among the pines and our hearts they may break with the promises we make but we're better than the doubt we'll leave behind and i know a better way to go i’ve been told so many times before if i can run with you i will chase down the sun with you i will if the weight of the worry keeps us wondering about the stories we lost along the way know we are small and there is time and your hand fits into mine and I'll hold it ‘til you know that we're ok
Sad Cowboy 04:06
when i was little my momma wrote me a song when i’m lonely she told me to sing along now that you’re gone i’ve forgotten how to sing at all take your time walking out the door i know i won’t be seeing your face anymore only a fool can forget who she’s crying for you left your light on i can't see clearly and all these cold nights have left me weary and like the tide you pull me tight then roll away the floorboards keep creaking their way to the space in my heart dust settles deep in the cracks that I've had from the start nighttime is darker and longer the brighter the star i know i'll be crying when all of my laughter’s run out my heart only knows how to break because you showed it how but thank you for leaving when you didn't love me at all
California 03:23
take a breath and i’m leaving in the morning water’s cold and it's seeping through my skin wish the wind would carry me to california ‘cause i'm feeling that old darkness creeping in and you know that i don't listen to those songs no more for sanity and fear of caving in but i will not erase them from my half-lit heart ‘cause we are only made of where we've been and i never ask for answers they're too small to hold the truth and i never asked for a love song cause we never had that much to prove the way to carry sadness is in pieces if you're careless then the sadness carries you the truth will come to you without a warning and to make it out you have to wander through
For Dolly 02:54
took a ride on my bike in the late morning light too warm for the season i can’t wait for the freeze these can’t be tears falling out of my eyes ’cause i smiled when you said goodbye you took your time citing reasons for why you ain’t living your life all your days passing by you cast me aside and i had to comply and i smiled when you said goodbye i don’t know why i don’t know why you think i’d cry i smiled when you said goodbye now she’s right by my side and i’ll hold her real tight i won’t dream of your kiss i won’t even try i don’t miss you tonight and it’s no big surprise cause i smiled when you said goodbye
hold me like a honeybee in the palm of your hand cause i’m tired and i’m trying to get home you told me that you’d wait for me on the edge of the sand and here i am walking alone i ain’t scared of the time i’m losing i ain’t scared of the holding on i will walk with you if you want me to but i can’t hold the things you say if i could draw a map for you on the palm of your hand it would lead to the wreckage and rust the places i’ve tried to go but i can’t understand and the currents that stir beneath us i never wanted to whisper i never wanted to wait i never wanted to whisper i never wanted to wait
To You 02:13
you make me wonder if my heart’s going under and i’m coming back, i keep coming back to you days feel like hours and the rain turns to flowers and i’m coming back, i keep coming back to you when we take a walk wish i was holding your hand every time we part it’s like the sea from the sand i’m no good at lying, but i guess i’ll keep trying and i’m coming back, i keep coming back to you don’t know what’s required for this love to expire and i’m coming back, always coming back to you every time we part it’s like the sea from the sand i told you from the start i hold my heart in my hands i’m sorry for saying oh that darling i’m praying you’ll come on back, i keep coming back to you
brush my teeth with coffee grounds wash my face in whiskey that’s what’s been going down since you said you don’t miss me i’m cruising down the highway going nowhere fast i’m trying to find a love that’s gonna last i’m spending all my money on the women on the corner they’ll tell you that they love you for a bottle of Four Roses i found a gal with your face on, she keeps me coming back i’m trying to find a love that’s gonna last i’ve been wrong before i have opened up all the wrong doors i’m too weak to fight i will lay down all my weapons of desire i will wave a flag of white i’ll pray with all my might that you’ll come home tonight my momma always told me there will always be another if it don’t work with sister you can always try with brother i should have said i’m sorry but now the moment’s passed i’m trying to find a love that’s gonna last
inside these ribs is a beating beast they don’t call it a cage for nothing i’ll hide you a key if you want to come in you gotta promise to leave me something every time i turn away i still feel the sun if i wanted to well, i could if i wanted to well, i would i drew a line for you to cross could you see it in the dark? without a light or a hand to guide you would you know where to start? every time i close my eyes i still feel the sun every time i close my eyes i still feel the sun well i know that i lied and i know that i’ve been unkind but i walked through the fire with my eyes open wide and it rendered me blind i wanted to
i’ve been walking down the line finding footsteps where i thought that there were mines i ain’t never been this far sometimes the road comes up to meet you where you are and i’m trying my hand scared to death i might land on my feet again i’ve been rolling up my sleeves to find the places where the good and bad agree throwing ropes at distant stars fading lights that flicker when they get too far when you wake up with nothing to lose then you wake up with nothing to hide i can’t sleep with this weight on my chest i can’t sleep with a space by my side
Siren 03:53
sun poked its rays through the lengthening days and i never smelled nothing so sweet lilacs have bloomed so i’ll find my way soon to the path where the wildflowers meet you can’t sit still and i’m going down this train we’re on don’t know where it’s bound when i get home i’m gonna make my bed well i know i should be sleeping but i’m doing the best i can tall maple trees and a wandering breeze think i’ll go stick my feet in the lake branches may bend so i’ve got a few friends who will catch me if ever they break oooooh, sounds like siren oooooh, sounds like a rallying cry let’s let the batteries die let’s watch the dust floating by it gathers slowly on the beams we’ve been picking at the seams selling stories to survive



Kings would like to dedicate this album to The Tiny Girlfriends and to our families (the ones we were given, and the ones we’ve chosen).
Kings would like to thank:
Craigslist, for our origin story; the crazy-talented musicians who lent their magic to this record (Justin “Timbersnake” Guip, Sara Milonovich, Emma Alabaster, and Emily Hope Price); Robert Maril; our parents (Avis Bishop, George Bishop, Pat & Lani Beug, Loni Thoreson, Jack & Connie Bielagus); Max Brown; and all the generous folks who funded this record, especially: Scott Baldwin, Paul Binder, John J. Kells, Maureen Zupan, and Timothy Poulin & Andrew Herrmann.



released July 8, 2016

Produced by Kings and Justin Guip
All tracks recorded at Guip Studio in Milan, NY
Engineered & mixed by Justin Guip
Additional mixing by Eric Beug
Cello & bass recorded by Rich Bennet at Acme Hall Studios in Brooklyn, NY Mastered by Alan Douches
Artwork by Sara Berks
Cover photography by George Underwood


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Kings Brooklyn, New York

Kings is
Emily Bielagus (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Steph Bishop (guitars, vocals)
Eric Beug (lap steel, mandolin, baritone guitar, and more).

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